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Our focus at Ace mobile Locksmiths is to protect homes throughout all suburbs of the Illawarra from break-ins with superior quality locks. Unfortunately homes are broken into everyday, there is no point having locks just for show. It is important to have good quality locks on your doors and your windows. We provide a mobile service that comes to your residence day or night. We supply all varieties of residential locks depending on your individual needs from deadlocks to hi-tech complete home digital locking systems. Call and inquire today: 0406 276 107

Super Key - One key that fits all of your locks.

We can re-key your locks so that one key will open every lock.

Who has keys to your doors? Re-key your existing Locks.

When moving into a previously occupied property it is possible you do not have all the current keys to your locks. Ace Mobile Locksmiths can re-key your existing locks guaranteeing you know who has keys to your doors.

Window Locks:

Over 50% of break-ins occur through windows and many young children suffer serious injury from falls from windows each year. We are a family run business and we are very concerned about the number of children who are seriously injured each year from falling from unlocked windows. By installing key lockable window locks you can have your windows locked closed or locked 10cm open preventing break-ins and children falling.

Door Locks:

We are a Wollongong lock supplier of all varieties of residential door locks. We can assess your property and advise you what products will best suit your security needs. We only invest in high security locks that we are confident will protect you against break-ins. With have everything you need from deadlocks to digital locking systems with intercom cameras.
Deadlocks-Deadbolts-Patio door locks-Screen Door Locks-Digital Locks-Latches.


Keeping your home and belongings safe and secure is our priority.

Enquire about our SUPER KEY. One key that opens all your Locks.

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We provide many businesses and government organisations throughout all suburbs of the Illawarra superior quality master key systems and commercial grade locks. We offer a local service that can assist your business day or night.

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If you require an automotive locksmith because you have locked your keys in the car, lost your keys, need a new ignition or door locks Ace Mobile Locksmiths can come to your car at anytime and offer immediate assistance where ever are

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